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Do you have a dream, a passion, a hobby? Would you like to find someone close to you to pursue it? Do you like to talk about a specific topic that your friends are not interested in? Would you like to meet someone in person to talk about it? Is there a particular topic, or field, you would like to explore? Would you like to talk in person with someone more experienced than you?
Would you like to go with someone to a specific event (concert, exhibition, projection…)? Do you feel like going out but none of your friends is available? Did you move to a news city? Would you like to meet and hang out with someone with whom you could have a real connection?
How Work Big Bang Exp
Are you the creator or the organizer of a particular physical event (concert, exhibition, sporting event…)? Would you like to give everyone the opportunity to get to know new people who are interested in the event in order for them to go together to it?


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you care about
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  • "I wished to meet someone in my neighborhood who was a true cinema lover (like me), especially French cinema. One day I created a Big Bang in the square next to my house and the next day I met Paolo and Luca! I could not believe that just doing so would have been enough! Now we hang out often: I've finally found someone to share my passion with and go together to see a certain type of film!"

    Francesco S.

    "Over the weekend I wanted to see the Kandinsky exhibit but none of my friends felt like going. I created a Big Bang and thanks to that I met Martina there at the exhibit! It's been great and from that moment we went together to see many other exhibitions."

    Simona G.
  • "I love all the subjects related to personal development but none of my friends is interested in them. I would have liked to know someone in person with whom discuss these matters, so one day I tried to create a Big Bang in the park near my home, and…Surprise! I met two personal development fans like me! In the evening we often meet: being able now to share advices on the books we read makes all the difference to me!"

    Giorgio L.

    "The old traditional plant-based remedies have always fascinated me. My schoolmates made fun of me and in the end I could only read and practice at home alone. Thanks to Big Bang Exp I found Alessio and Maria Chiara, two passionate enthusiasts like me. After we met, we gradually created a research group of ancient recipes. Now we are thinking of participating in local fairs/events to let everyone know about these lost knowledge!"

    Michela P.
  • "It was Saturday night, I wanted to go out but none of my friends was available. I opened Big Bang Exp and I saw on the map that there was an appointment for "Motorcycle enthusiasts" in a pub not far from my home. In no time I clicked on the "big bang" participation button, I saddled up and joined them. I spent a very nice evening, met beautiful people and also learned several things I didn't know about my motorbike!"

    Luigi B.

    "I had been working as a civil engineer for some years when I began to develop a growing interest in the financial side of the real estate sector. I knew there were specific master courses that could serve my purpose but they were expensive. Before making the decision it was necessary that somehow I talked with someone (with no vested interest) who could give me objective information on next job opportunities. I tried to create a Big Bang called "Real Estate investment professionals" and ... Unbelievable! I met two reliable and helpful people who told me everything I could wish over a drink! Thank you so much Big Bang Exp!!"

    Antonio M.
  • "I wanted to go to the Article 31 concert but unfortunately it's not the kind of music that my friends like. By setting up a Big Bang I found Marica, Alfonso and Roberto, who were in my same situation. We had so much fun singing their songs by heart! Since then we have seen many other concerts, all unforgettable!"

    Paolo T.

    "At the travel agency where I work I didn't feel stimulated, even though I love everything that revolves around traveling. Thanks to Big Bang Exp I found Silvia and Anna, super fans of Japan like me. We meet every week to talk and learn new things about its ancient traditions. We want to create a website to offer organized trips specialized in Japan and its traditions, for true lovers like us!"

    Luisa A.
  • "I spent 3 months in Naples for my thesis. I had little time and I didn't know anyone but I didn't want to miss the opportunity to learn more about a beautiful city. So I decided to create a Big Bang inviting locals to drink a coffee with me and talk to me about the city. It's been a beautiful afternoon around the center with Silvia, Elena, Gianluca and Lorenzo, the first of a long series. This autumn two of them will come to visit me in Turin"

    Stefano L.

    "I am a visual artist, I exhibited some of my creations in Bologna. I know it's never easy for people to find someone to go with to art exhibits, so I created a Big Bang to help them. Some people interacted on the website to come together to my event. On the day of the exhibition I got to talk to them.. The creation of the Big Bang has been definitely a win-win both for them and for me!"

    Antonella C.